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As your nominated NDIS plan manager, MSM Plan Management will be responsible for helping and managing your NDIS funding –

  • By paying for your support services by submitting claims to the NDIS portal
  • Sending periodic activity statements to assist you in tracking your spending.
  • It provides the best online app to track your spending, approve and see invoice status, and easily access your NDIS funding details.

You are well aware of NDIS schemes, but you must have a question what is ndis plan management? How does it work? What are plan managers? When an NDIS service provider helps you manage the financing in your NDIS plans, that is known as plan management. Plan managers are nothing but these service providers.

Plan management is distinct from having your NDIS plan’s financing managed by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) or electing to administer your own plan.

MSM Plan Management will be tasked with assisting in the management of your NDIS funding as your selected plan manager.

For example, NDIS plan manager Melbourne will help you by paying for your assistance and submitting claims to the NDIS portal.

They also regularly send you activity statements to help you track your spending.
It gives you access to the greatest online software for tracking your spending, approving invoices, checking their status, and quickly accessing NDIS plan information.