Plan Management is included in your NDIS plan at no cost to you. If you don’t have Plan Management in your plan (it should be under ‘Improved Life Choices’), all you need to do is request Plan Management with your planner anytime. Or just call us and we will help you set up Plan Management as your option.

Feel free to use our handy Request Form.

Why MSM Plan Management

At MSM Plan Management, we want you to focus on the things you love, and achieve your personal goals, while we take over the burden of managing your NDIS funding!

Our experienced accountants and professionals offer a personalised service to ensure your plan is working efficiently for you.

Questions to consider when choosing a Plan Manager

  • Are you getting a truly personalised service from a dedicated manager or are you being considered just another client and getting an impersonal service?
  • Does your plan manager truly have your best interest at heart?
  • How often does your Plan Manager communicate with you to ensure you are on track with your plan?
  • Do they have experience in the disability sector as well as financial services?
  • Will their services assist you to manage your fund more efficiently?
  • How well do they understand the NDIS as it relates to you?
  • Are they focused on helping you achieve your goals of today and your goals that you may have for the future?

Plan Management is a free benefit of your NDIS plan.

Most plan managers (including ourselves) pay bills within a few days. However, others may need to be more effective in paying vendors on time. We have great software that gives you real-time updates on your money. Of course, we have a dedicated app to keep track of your strategy and send monthly reports through email. You can log in to our online dashboard to observe how your plan is developing and whether you are on the verge of going over budget.

Your NDIS plans include plan management at no additional cost to you. You only need to ask for plan management with your ndis planners at any time if it isn’t already included in your plan (it should be under “Improved Life Choices”). Or just give us a call, and we’ll assist you in setting up Plan Management as an option.

Track your spending with simple and intuitive breakdowns of budgets

View your invoices to see how they’re tracking and have the option to be notified and approve new invoices

Stay in touch with the latest NDIS news, tips and exclusive offers for Plan Partner clients

Submit your reimbursements on the go and get your money back the next business day!